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Accommodation in Turkey

Short-term accommodation:

The duration of this residence does not exceed two years according to the law that was updated by the Turkish government on 11/4/2014. This residence is necessary for the owners of real estate and foreigners wishing to visit Turkey. The request is submitted to the general directorates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Immigration Department located in all Turkish cities. The document is for the Ankara capital to be approved and then sent to the person who applied by mail.

Papers and documents required to obtain residence..

1- Reservation of an application for short stay (tourist residence) and a modern entry stamp for Turkish territory. It is worth mentioning that a person who enters Turkish territory for the first time can submit an application for the date within three months from the date of his entry into Turkish territory, and if his entry into the Turkish territory is not the first, it is preferable that the date be booked within a period not exceeding ten days.

2-Valid health insurance.

3-A passport that is not expired.

4-A bank statement stating that the applicant for the residence application has at least US $ 6000 in his account.

5-The original copy of the lease is certified by the notary or title deed if you are a real estate owner in Turkey.

How to Apply?

After booking the date, the documents and papers mentioned above are collected in a folder and go to be submitted on time at the Directorate General of Foreigners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The competent officer then verifies that all the papers are ready. After that, a sum of 400 Turkish lira And receipt of the receipt receipt of the amount and then return to the official responsible and provide the link to him and check all papers and documents and then sends these papers to the capital Ankara, and here takes a period of 15 days to a month and is sent by mail to address of your stay in the Ricky.

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