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Common Questions


1-Does the buyer need a contract when buying a property in Turkey?

Yes, the buyer needs to write a contract from the seller and the customer and prove to the writer in the notar, stating the details of the purchase contract in full, such as: payment schedule and terms and conditions of the buyer and seller parties.

This contract is very necessary and will be in Turkish. In this case, the buyer will guarantee that the contract will be documented with the official government departments. This contract will be presented to the Real Estate Registration Department later to extract the stamp or document of ownership.

2-When I own a property in Turkey, will I need to do insurance against earthquakes

There is an earthquake insurance (Dask) for private property which is a mandatory legal requirement in Turkey?

3 - When buying houses in Turkey Is it necessary to do the insurance?

Home insurance in Turkey is not mandatory, but we recommend it to secure your own property where there are a lot of Turkish and international companies leading this area


4. How much time does the title need to get?

It takes about six weeks to obtain full title under foreign ownership in Turkey, depending on the nature of the region and the responsiveness of its government departments


5-What is the certificate of residence in Turkey and where can I get it?

Is a document confirming that the property was constructed according to the building regulations and legislation in Turkey. This certificate indicates that your property is suitable for housing and accommodation use, because it is not easy and sometimes it is not possible to obtain services such as water, sewage and electricity for buildings that do not have this certificate

This certificate can be obtained through the local municipality and it is necessary to extract it from the presence of the stamp, the owner's passport and the tax number


6 - What factors affect the prices of real estate in Turkey?

Property prices vary to suit all buyers' classes, but in general Istanbul property prices are more expensive than other cities. Prices vary depending on the age of construction, area, area, proximity to transportation, services and other factors


7- Is ownership in Turkey free and complete?

When the property is purchased in Turkey, this includes ownership of the land. The alien is entitled to inherit the property for his family and to register the heirs in the housing department in the city where the property is located


8-What papers do you need to obtain military approval and how do you apply for it?

You can apply for military approval or entrust it to your lawyer on your behalf. You will need a passport photo that is translated into Turkish and certified by the Notary Public and six personal photographs. The translated documents are sent to the competent authority for approval and will be notified as soon as it is completed. Usually from one to three months, if there is no consent issued to the same property to a previous foreigner


9-Are there any restrictions for foreigners in buying real estate?

There is no legal impediment to the foreigner provided that the area of ​​land or real estate registered in his name does not exceed more than 2.5 hectares and that the area of ​​land within the town does not exceed 10% of the area of ​​the town. Foreigners and foreign commercial companies are not allowed to purchase property within security areas in Turkey , And in some areas such as land, which is an important strategy in terms of energy, agriculture and national security, and there are some restrictions imposed on the nationals of certain countries


10-What documents are required during the ownership of real estate?

After choosing the property you want to buy, you collect the following papersA copy of the land registry or any title deed or real estate statement - a copy of the real estate site in the municipal plan or a statement of the site - the real estate number according to the municipal plan. By a clerk in justice - four personal photographs - a sale contract for the current property as appropriate


11-How much should I pay for the first payment, and what are the tips for payment?

The purchase contract shall be signed with the seller and shall be given a first payment not exceeding 25% of the value of the property subject to the approval of the security authorities, and usually pays 25% of the value of the property until the transfer of ownership to the buyer from the competent authorities and then pay the rest of the full amount after the approval of the district directorate And the security authorities, please note that the approval of the security agency takes between one month and a month and a half and advised not to pay the full amount only after the approval of the security authorities, and upon the issuance of security approval is to review the Department of the Land Registry with the seller and prefer to bring an interpreter to verify the data and Download property and space


12-How much is the tax on purchase?

The taxes payable by the customer and the seller are the property tax, which is about 4% of the value of the property, and the tax for an invoice fee of 1% of the value of the property and this tax is often paid by the buyer

13- What is the tax number? How do I get it?

It is a number usually required in legal and official transactions or to open a bank account, where you can get this number without a formal residence in Turkey, and you need the following papers..

Copy of passport and address of your stay in Turkey - go to your local tax department and request this number from the employee concerned - the employee will enter your statement to the computer and then give you a paper with the tax number


14-Do I have to check with the Department of Homeland Security for an official residence after entering Turkish territory? Can I open a company through this residence?

If you want to buy the property within the first three months of your entry, there is no need to obtain an official residence. You can obtain a one year official residence permit which is renewable after you own the property for yourself and all members of your family. (Family, parents, spouse or children of different ages). This residence can open a company in Turkey, learn Turkish in a language school, or practice a particular profession under the framework of obtaining For a job in the private sector it is necessary to review the Ministry of Labor in the capital Ankara for a work permit

15-What is the means of transferring money from my country to Turkey and are there joint banks to facilitate the transfer process?

You can open an account with any Turkish bank easily and then transfer funds to Turkey, or by opening an account in a Turkish Gulf bank like the Turkish Kuwaiti Bank, then you can easily withdraw money


16-Can I give an agency to someone in front of me to manage the real estate I bought in Turkey?

This can be done by a legal agency in your home country and then translated by a sworn interpreter and authenticated by the Turkish Embassy in your home country or carried out within Turkey after starting to purchase the property


17-How is the property supplied with gas, electricity, water and internet services and how are bills paid in the absence of the owner?

The gas, water and electricity companies are audited to register the counters on behalf of the owner of the property. A simple insurance payment is paid to the company concerned. In order to pay the monthly bills, Saman Real Estate Company helps with the property management service


18-What is the benefit of the property at times when the owner is outside Turkey?

The landlord can rent the property, or offer it to the real estate investment, and the tenant can transfer the monthly payments to the owner of the property through the bank or through the real estate company


19-What are the procedures resulting from the sale of the property if the landlord wants to sell it after the price rises?

If the landlord wants to sell his property 5 years from the date of purchase, he must pay a tax of about 20% of the net profits (the difference between the price of the seller and the declared price of the sale) in favor of the Turkish Tax Authority. If the landlord wishes to sell it after 5 years, This law also differs if the landlord is a company and not an investor


20-Can I come to Turkey by car?

So that they can come from the land crossings or through the sea ports without paying any taxes on condition that they are taken out of Turkey within six months, if the owner of the car exceeds six months will result in the payment of a financial tax, so always prefer to buy a car from Turkey for those who wish to stay period More than six months


21-What is the commission that real estate companies take in Turkey?

When you purchase a property through a real estate brokerage company, it is entitled to take 3% commission for its services from the full value of the property from both the seller and buyer parties under the Turkish law


22-Should prices be negotiated when buying a property in Turkey?

These negotiations depend on the owner of the property since each property has a different owner. Some of them negotiate the price and others do not accept negotiations. For large projects such as towers and residential complexes, prices are often uniform for all those who want to buy


23-What documents do the buyer need to bring with him from his country?

You only need a passport where all the necessary documentation for purchase in Turkey is organized in cooperation with your real estate broker



24-Can the property title be received on behalf of the buyer by a client?

The purchaser can take possession of a title deed according to an agency organized on Turkish territory or through the Turkish embassy in the country where the buyer lives


25-Can the property be owned by more than one person and registered in their name?

So that the property can be purchased from more than one person after the Turkish government has passed the Aliens Act, one of whose provisions is that more than one person can own the same property and registered in the name of all buyers in the allocation


26-Do I have to pay taxes on my property in Turkey and the country of origin (double taxation)?

Of course not because Turkey has signed a treaty to prevent double taxation with many countries of the world and therefore the tax on your property located in Turkey is paid in favor of the Turkish Tax Authority only

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